Business Intelligence (BI) Workshop Series

The eHealth project arranged a BI workshop series for hospital business experts, IT experts and university students, teachers and researchers for creating a prototype analytics platform for health facilities. It included five workshops with lectures and exercises done between the workshops. The workshop series was held between June and November 2021.

Instead of face-to-face sessions the workshop series had to be implemented on-line due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Dr. Auvo Finne organized the workshop series. He also acted as lecturer together with other top specialists.

The topics of the workshop series were the following:

  • Workshop 1: Opening of the workshop series, Hospital business architecture

  • Workshop 2: Data architecture and data preparation

  • Workshop 3: Analytics

  • Workshop 4: Presentation of last exercise results

  • Workshop 5: Wrap-up and closing


Workshop 1: Opening

Kalle Mäki, Vice Precident of FCMS, opened the workshop series. His speech can be found here.

Dr. Auvo Finne continued by presenting the content of the workshop series.

Dr. Tuomo Heinonen spoke about the competences and skills required in healthcare business.

Dr. Anja Mursu, MD&MBA Martti Kulvik and Prof. Pirkko Nykänen lectured about topics related to Hospital Business Architecture. The recordings of their lectures as well as the lecture materials are available here.

In the end Dr. Auvo Finne presented the excercises that were meant for applying the learnings to practice. The excercises of the workshop 1 are visible here.


Workshop 2

Finding the relevant data from the data sources is the first task in BI. Relevant means here that it has to describe the measures defined in the business analysis phase. The data needs to be transformed and modelled to apply to the analysis. Information security is important in all phases.

Prof. Pirkko Nykänen and Dr. Auvo Finne lectured about these topics in the second workshop.

The recordings, materials of the lectures and excercises can be found here.


Workshop 3

Experimental analysis precedes the implementation of the final BI application or system, although it may already have preliminary impacts on the direction of the operation, too. It is possible to return from the experimental analysis to picking up data, transforming and modelling. It can be repeated until the desired result is achieved.

In the third workshop the focus was in analyzing the data. Prof. Pirkko Nykänen. Dr. Auvo Finne and Dr. Jari Haukka covered the related subjects in their lectures.

The lecture materials and recordings are available here.


Workshop 4

The workshop 4 summarized the earlier learnings. Dr. Jari Haukka organized an interactive data-analysis session. After that Dr. Auvo Finne presented the summary of BA/BI workflow and talked about maintaining HFBI systems. The materials can also be found here.


Workshop 5: Closing

At the beginning Dr. Auvo Finne made a wrap-up of the workshop series.

Dr. Anja Mursu presented the roadmap, e.g. the guidelines for purchasing and utilizing Healthcare Information Systems and the web pages of the project. Prof. Pirkko Nykänen followed her by speaking about the importance of security and safety. The recorgings and materials are available here.

Dr. Markus Partanen, Vice President of FCMS, said the closing words. Nabeel S. Tharani, SHM Hospital, was awarded for his excellent performance. In addition, other active participants received certificates.