In spring 2019 the eHealth project organized a workshop for the Tanzanian partners in Finland. Two participants represented the Ministry of Health of Tanzania and the others were from the partner organizations, at least one participant from each. 

The workshop included visits to various institutions of the health sector in Helsinki. The digital tool for medical doctors, called Terveysportti, was presented at Duodecim, the Finnish Medical Society. The architecture of the Kanta services, meant for social welfare and healthcare, as well as the new health information system Apotti were introduced to the participants by the specialists of the Ministry of Health of Finland.

The second part of the event consisted of a trip to Estonia. Dr. Madis Tiik, the Estonian top eHealth specialist, hosted the visit. He presented the Estonian healthcare information system, which is more modern than the Finnish system and accessible also by mobile. It might be a working solution for Tanzania, too. 

Madis Tiik

The workshop continued in Tampere with the presentations of the operation of Koskiklinikka and the public healthcare of the city of Tampere. Koskiklinikka is a private clinic, which is part of the Pihlajalinna concern. The IT company Tieto also presented their new healthcare information system, called Lifecare.

Persons in the picture from lefto to right: Mr Godlisten Moshi (CSSC), Ms Zaituni Kaijage (UDSM), Ms Nikamba Eve Bigambo (Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children), Mr Luwoneko Mbilinyi (Ilembula Hospital and Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences), Mr Willem Koster (CSSC), Mr Suleiman Jaffer (TOHS), Ms Kristina Nokso-Koivisto, Mr Rigoberth Nolasco (ELCT/LUICO), Dr Anael Sam (NM-AIST), Ms Zuhura Nassor (TOHS), Mr Walter Ndeasanjo (Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children), Ms Dorice Nyaki (APHFTA)

The eHealth team introduced the results of the research and other activities of the project. In turn, the partners told how the project might help them to solve the problems they have with their information systems. The closing of the workshop took place in Nokia, in the former residence of the senior physician of the Pitkäniemi hospital. Some Tanzanian guests also enjoyed the heat of the sauna, which is a traditional way of relaxing in Finland.