Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) means collection, integration, analysis and presentation of business information by using related technologies and applications in order to support business analysis and decision making. Business analysis (BA) is a prerequisite for BI.

The figure below illustrates the role of BI in respect of business analysis and decision making.


BA-BI Workflow


An on-line workshop series on business analysis and business intelligence has been arranged in the scope of the eHealth project. The business analysis part with the related lecture material has been introduced here. The recordings and other material of the BI part can be found below.

BI in healthcare – an extremely difficult challenge by MD&MBA Martti Kulvik


Data Architecture and Data Preparation


Finding the relevant data from the data sources is the first task in BI. Relevant means here that it has to describe the measures defined in the BA phase. The data needs to be transformed and modelled to apply to the analysis. Information security is important in all phases. The recordings as well as the materials of the lectures covering these topics can be found below.

Principles of security, safety and privacy of health data by Prof. Pirkko Nykänen

HFBI Process and Data sources by Dr. Auvo Finne  

Data modelling, cleaning, transformations and ETL by Dr. Auvo Finne  

Technical platform and tools by Dr. Auvo Finne  

Legal and regulatory framework by Prof. Pirkko Nykänen 

Presentation and excercises by Dr. Auvo Finne




Experimental analysis precedes the implementation of the final BI application or system, although it may already have preliminary impacts on the direction of the operation, too. It is possible to return from the experimental analysis to picking up data, transforming and modelling. It can be repeated until the desired result is achieved.

The lecture material and recordings considering the analytics are available below.

‘Relevant standards’ by Prof. Pirkko Nykänen

‘Business intelligence and (X)OLAP’ by Dr. Auvo Finne

‘Four uses of analytics, models, scenarios and simulations –  Application to hospital data and KPIs  – Technical platform and tools – Data analysis’ by Dr. Jari Haukka


‘Technological approaches to security and safety, threats and challenges’ by Prof. Pirkko Nykänen 


‘Summary of BA/BI workflow’ by Dr. Auvo Finne


‘How to create a road map for designing health care services, selecting a suitable and usable eHealth system for a health facility and for preparing  deployment’ by Dr. Anja Mursu