LUICO was founded in 2000 as an investment arm of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania (ELCT). It has an ICT team, which has contributed to activities in the eHealth project and with other actors.

The cooperation between LUICO and the eHealth project started already in the planning phase of the project. Two experienced specialists from Finland worked on-site with the LUICO ICT team, developing the Care2x system and solving technical problems together. The cooperation continued from Finland.

Members of the LUICO ICT team also took part in the training meant for programmers and managers. It was organized at NM-AIST. The topic of the training was SW design methods.

LUICO offered valuable help for two students from NM.AIST with their theses. They designed and implemented two new features to the Care2x system. LUICO also offered a testing environment for them.

In addition, the members of LUICO ICT team have interviewed people working in healthcare in Arusha for the comparison of the systems. They also participated in the study of the awareness and use of the guidelines of MoH.

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