llembula Hospital Support


The work group is looking for ways for cooperation in the transition to the use of the digital health information system in Ilembula Hospital. The hospital has announced to have already chosen the HIS to be used. However, there are concerns slowing down the progress: the availability and the costs of some fundamental resources like hardware, electricity and internet connections. Also training is needed.

Cosy but still strong building for the palliative operation is a reason for joy and thanks. The persons in the picture from the left are Mr Pangkisa, German volunteer worker of the orphans’ home, social worker Ms Maritlo Nadali, Mrs Aida Mtega, Tuomo Heinonen and Reino Pöyhiä. 

Oculist Eric at work. The ophthalmoscopes donated by the FCMS are in daily use and they help many Tanzanians.

Neurologist Kigocha Okengon and Tuomo Heinonen

Project team

After the leaving of one key person, Dr Emmanuel Mwalumuli, the project team consists of the following persons: Dr Tapio Pitkänen -chairperson for ILH-eHealth-group with FCMS eHealth project, Dr Jacline Mwenda (clinical Officer) local chairperson, Mr Lufunyo Lwendo, IT specialist, IIHAAS (Ilembula Institute of Health and Applied Sciences) and Mr Luwoneko Mbilinyi, Master of Public Health, IIHAAS.

Luwoneko Bryceson Mbilinyi, Master of Public Health