There are two healthcare umbrella organizations participating in the work with the eHealth project. They are Christian Social Services Commission (CSSC) and Association of Private Health Facilities in Tanzania (APHFTA).

Christian Social Services Commision

The Christian Social Services Commission (CSSC) is an ecumenical body jointly established by the Tanzania Episcopal Conference and the Christian Council of Tanzania in 1992 to facilitate social services, with the main focus on education and health services provided by member Churches.

One of the common activities with CSSC in the eHealth project has been the investigation of the ICT competences of  the people working in the health care. also APHFTA and UDSM contributed to the work. The comparison of three existing hospital information systems has been another joint effort with CSSC.

Association of Private Health Facilities in Tanzania

APHFTA is involved in advocacy, training and capacity building, research and networking of Private Health Facilities in Tanzania. In collaboration with various local and international bodies, it works as an umbrella organization for the private health sector in Tanzania. 

In the eHealth project APHFTA has participated in the investigation of the ICT competences of the health care personnel together with CSSC and UDSM. Two independent tasks have been agreed with APHFTA during the Covid-19 pandemic. The first one consists of collecting information about the use of information systems in its member hospitals and clinics. The second task included the implementation of a database for storing various data that is collected from the member hospitals and clinics. It will help in improving the quality of the operation.

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